Bone Grafting

The Support Implants Need

Grafting is a common dental procedure often performed to offer the support dental implants require to take root in the jawbone. As a full-service oral surgery and implant practice, Oral Surgery and Implant Institute KC offers patients in the Kansas City, MO area the convenience of receiving quality bone grafting treatments in our office with other oral health needs. If you have bone loss in the jaw and need grafting to support a dental implant or restore health to your gums and other teeth, our team looks forward to serving you with safe and experienced services.
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Bone Graft Candidates

You might require bone grafting if you need a dental implant but have bone loss in the space of the missing tooth or teeth. An implant can't take hold without a robust jawbone below the gum. Bone grafting adds layers to the existing jaw to build it up to where it needs to be. Gum disease is another reason a patient might require bone grafting.
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In an autograft, parts of bone are taken from another part of the patient’s body, such as the back of the jaw or the chin. We transplant bone to the area that needs restoration, and autografts have a high acceptance rate.


If a patient doesn’t have sufficient bone to perform an autograft, an allograft can be completed using bone from a deceased donor. This minimizes the number of procedures the patient has to endure.


Xenografts use bone from an animal, such as a pig or cow. While these are less common, they can be beneficial if time is a concern. Bones are sterilized to minimize disease and infection.


Grafts using synthetic materials are known as alloplasts. When little donor bone is available, this method is preferable. A bone-like substance is created using calcium phosphate or calcium sulfate to achieve the same results.

Safe and Effective Procedures

Bone grafting procedures are very common at Oral Surgery and Implant Institute KC in Kansas City, MO. Before receiving a bone graft, we'll complete a health exam to ensure positive results. Using anesthesia, we’ll get you comfortable for the process, and if there are high levels of anxiety, IV sedation might be possible to help with relaxation. Other than minor swelling and discomfort, side effects are minimal. You can feel confident with our practice if you need bone grafting to help with oral health or implants.
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