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It’s preferential to keep your original teeth. However, removing one or a couple is sometimes the road to a healthier mouth. Oral Surgery and Implant Institute KC offers safe and careful teeth extractions for patients in Kansas City, MO under the direction of our qualified team of oral surgeons. While many dentists can handle minor removals, our oral surgeons are better equipped to handle tooth extractions in patients with additional oral health concerns or complicated situations. We offer professional removal and options for replacements.
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Reasons for Extractions

Many people are candidates for tooth extraction, and the reasons vary from patient to patient. A common situation is a damaged tooth that is beyond repair and can’t be saved. Other instances include that it's a viable option to prevent gum disease or a patient might have more teeth than their mouth can hold. We help with all scenarios.
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Before removing a tooth, you’ll have a consultation with the oral surgeon, who will explain the situation, the concerns associated with the tooth, and why removing it is the best option for your oral health.

The Process

All teeth have nerves in the roots, so patient comfort is a priority when extracting a tooth. We’ll use a local anesthetic to numb the area. For wisdom teeth extraction or patients who have anxiety, IV sedation might be an option.


The area where the tooth is removed will need time to heal and adjust. Patients will have to monitor bleeding and allow the area to clot. Rinsing with a saltwater solution can help, and a diet should be soft foods to start.

Complete Oral Solutions

Once you’ve had a tooth extracted, the team at Oral Surgery and Implant Institute KC will discuss options to protect the area and restore function to your mouth. Dental implants are the preferred method to replace one or multiple missing teeth because of their durability and natural appearance. They are also easy to care for, benefiting from regular brushing. We can discuss other options for different scenarios, but our goal is to ensure you have full function of your teeth and mouth. Contact us to schedule a consultation.
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