IV Sedation

A Comfortable Experience

Patients often associate IV sedation with complicated oral surgery procedures that are lengthy or complex. However, this option is not only appropriate for those challenging operations, but it is widely beneficial for patients who have anxiety or fear about medical proceedings. We perform surgery in the safety of our clean and calming environment and offer IV sedation for Kansas City, MO patients who need extra support to manage their procedure. If you’re visiting us for oral surgery, let us know how we can improve your experience.
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Ask About IV Sedation

IV sedation isn’t available to every patient and isn’t an option for each procedure we complete. Our trained and educated team will use our medical expertise to discuss your options and determine the best way to keep you comfortable during your care. Sedation is closely monitored to ensure safety throughout the patient's visit.
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Is It Safe?

IV sedation is overseen and handled by a trained and certified anesthesiologist who will monitor your health during sedation. This ensures patient safety throughout the duration. A family member should be present to take you home once it is completed.

What to Expect

IV sedation is different than general anesthesia, where patients are completely unconscious. You will remain conscious but be placed in a deeper state of relaxation with minimal awareness. You’ll have little memory of the procedure.

Why IV Sedation?

For patients who require something stronger than a local anesthetic, IV sedation acts faster than an oral option, enabling us to start the procedure sooner. We can also adjust the dosage easily to ensure patient comfort.

Schedule a Consultation

If you require oral surgery, such as wisdom teeth removal or jaw surgery, contact Oral Surgery and Implant Institute KC for a consultation and learn about IV sedation options for Kansas City, MO patients. This service is one of the many ways we work to ensure patient comfort no matter what brings you to our practice. Contact our office for more information.
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