Dental Implants

Natural-Looking Implants

Dental implant solutions at Oral Surgery and Implant Institute KC in Kansas City, MO are one of the most trusted options to restore your smile with full-functioning teeth. Tooth loss is not only uncomfortable and makes consuming food challenging, but the embarrassment and self-awareness of the issue can also affect patients’ mental health. Don't let it be a distraction if you’re missing teeth due to decay or an accident. We offer dental services in a safe and comfortable environment to help you enjoy the best smile possible.
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Benefits of Implants

When a permanent tooth is lost in an accident or removed due to decay, the jawbone beneath becomes susceptible to deterioration. Without the benefit of a tooth root, patients will suffer bone loss, leading to other dental issues. An implant is a titanium post inserted in place of the missing tooth, providing the same support as the original tooth root. A cap is placed on the implant, leaving a natural-looking tooth.
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Natural Results

With modern dental technology, we can create a cap for the implant that matches the color and size of your existing teeth. Your new dental work blends in naturally with the rest of your surrounding teeth.

Crowns & Bridges

We can combine crowns and bridges with dental implants to replace additional missing teeth. The benefit of this option with an implant is that we won’t have to incorporate the surrounding healthy teeth.

Why Not Dentures?

Dentures might temporarily fill the space left by missing teeth. However, they are removable devices that must be cleaned beyond brushing and won’t give the jawbone the support it needs.

Learn About Your Options

Are you ready to learn more about our reliable dental implant options and find out if they are the right solution to replace your missing teeth? Oral Surgery and Implant Institute KC is committed to delivering superior oral surgery and implant options to improve the quality of life for our patients and boost their confidence. Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss dental implants.
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